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18 Employee Appreciation Strategies You Should Consider


Employee appreciation strategies

Employee appreciation strategies


The employees that are in the higher up positions such as the CEOs, VPs, Managers, or Presidents are the ones who get the praise for the business success. Of course, they would not have that success if it was not for the employees that are working hard for them. That is why it is important to show appreciation to your employees from time to time. If you need any ideas, here are a couple ways to show gratitude to your staff.

Free Stuff

Free Stuff


Everyone Loves Free Things

1) Take your employees out for a free lunch. Most people do not turn a chance down for a free meal. Plus better work would be done on a nice full belly.

2) Give your employees a gift card to one of their favorite stores.

3) Working for long hours on the job can sometimes cause body pains. It would be a nice suggestion to offer an employee a certificate to a spa. That way they can get their muscles relax, after all they deserve it.

4) For the employee who has been working for many years, a free vacation would be awesome. This would show that employee that you truly value the time and effort that they put in their job over all of those years.

5) Buy your employee a gift such as a customize cardholder or mug. This shows not only were you thinking about them, but you even put the effort into shopping for a gift for them and had it customized.

Staff Promotions

Staff Promotions


Raises and Promotions

6) Give your employee that raise that they have been working so hard for. That would also motivate them to do work even harder.

7) If a salary raise is not enough, how about giving that employee a promotion. Not only will that employee feel appreciate, but it will also give them a confidence boost.

Small gestures

Small gestures


A Little Gesture Can go a Long Way

8) Sometimes just acknowledging that an employee is during a good job can go a long way. Show appreciation by bragging about that employee in front of everyone, so the entire office would know how good of a job they are doing.

9) You can show appreciation to an employee by making them the employee of the month.

10) You can honor an employee by creating a certificate that reads how much you appreciate them, and how they are an asset to the company.

11) You can also just write a little note telling them how much you appreciate all of their work and efforts, and that you are extremely grateful to have them to be a part of the team.

12) Another kind gesture is giving them a pay day off from work so that they can rest a bit. They would feel appreciate, and they will be prepared to take the next work day head on.

13) Instead of taking your employees out to lunch, you can bring the lunch to them at the office.

14) Sometimes employees can get drained of during the same kind of task every day. They would feel so much of gratitude if you take some of the load off them for a day.

Work relationships

Work relationships


Bring Your Employees Closer

15) Hosting a fun contest can be a way to show employees your appreciation to them. This would give employees a break from the hard work, and it will also give your staff a bonding experience.

16) One thing you should never forget is to celebrate your employees’ efforts in the business throughout the year when holiday time comes around. You should prepare corporate holiday cards, business holiday cards or work anniversary cards ahead of time to show them they are critical to your enterprise’s success.

17) Sometimes employees do not feel appreciated because their boss never listens to anything that they have to say. You would be surprised by how just simply listening to your employees will make them feel appreciated.

18) Christmas time is the most giving time of the year. It would be a nice gesture to give your employee an extra Christmas bonus or that special gift that they want but cannot afford. They would forever be grateful and feel appreciated.

Remember it takes a team of people to make a business stay afloat. A company could not be successful without every individual that is part of that team during their job well. Showing appreciation to your employees will ensure them that they are doing a good job, and it will motivate them to continue to do well. So never forgot to show appreciation to your employees, they are the ones that help you stay successful.


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