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Boost Your Conversion Rates with These 5 Tips

Selling online can be a lucrative experience if your conversion rates are high. An engaging landing page and a thriving social platform are great, but if no one clicks the “Buy Now” button, it’s all for naught. You don’t have to be an SEO guru to boost your conversion rates. With these five simple tips, anyone can clean up the clutter and increase conversion rates.




1. Give People a Few Choices

Everyone likes to have a few choices, and “few” is the key. Placing too many choices on a page can overwhelm the buyer. Opt for fewer products and a single service per page. This will encourage the buyer to make a choice and remove the fear that they missed out on other choices.

Post multiple images of a product. Including photos from different angles, sides, and distances gives customers the details that one image can’t. With one large focal point and smaller thumbnails to choose underneath, the page remains tidy while still offering plenty of choices.

Use the power of “three” for buttons. Especially when offering packages or services, using a row of three buttons gives the person a variety, instead of an “either-or” decision. They can opt for what appears as basic, elite, or somewhere in between.


design contrast

design contrast

2. Create Contrasting Color

Color influences a person’s decisions. While a theme adds to consistency in a website’s design, the call to action should be distinct. By adding contrasting colors to direct attention, conversion rates can skyrocket.

Draw attention to “buy” buttons by using a bright contrasting color from the website’s theme. When using a row of three buttons, highlight the middle button with a bright color and dim the color of the other two. This will make the brighter option more desirable and customers will be more likely to click.

For single products or services, clearly define the buying area by placing a red or other contrasting color border around the area. This singles out the selection button and drives the eyes to focus there. This grabs attention and keeps it.


Start a Conversation

Start a Conversation

3. Start a Conversation

Going social plays a crucial role in boosting conversion rates. Make it easy on customers to sign up and log in to your site with social media accounts. This saves their time by avoiding long opt-in forms and gives them a sense of privacy. In return, it’s easy for them to promote your business because they’re already linked in.

Make it simple for people to share your site by displaying social media buttons. If they know you’re connected, they’ll be more likely to connect. Plus, when they see that others have liked, tweeted, or pinned, it provides credibility for your company. More credibility equals more conversion.

It works on the other end, too. Providing the ability to check out with social media gives buyers yet another opportunity to start or continue a conversation about your product. “I just bought,” turns into “You need this, too.”


Build a Relationship

Build a Relationship

4. Build a Relationship

Building sales starts with building trust. Let people know that you’re real, too, by using photos of real people, not stock photos. When a potential buyer sees that your business is more than just a website, it makes it more personal.

Include contact information on the website. Providing an address takes your business from the virtual world to the physical world. An email address lets people know they can contact you quickly and easily. The ability to call a real, live person on the phone shows that questions can be answered. Contact converts.

Make it pop with a chat box. Availability is everything and if your buyers know that they can get immediate assistance through chat, they’ll be more likely to click “buy.” Email might be viewed as “stock” content, but chat is real time contact. A visitor can quickly become a customer when they know they can get answers right here, right now, through chat.


Engage with Video

Engage with Video

5. Engage with Video

Text is nice but video is better. Embedding video into the sales page engages viewers and keeps them on the page. The longer they’re on the page, the more likely they are to stay on the site.

A video is an easy, dynamic mode of explaining a process, demonstrating a product, or putting things into perspective. Appealing to the eye and the ear, video entertains and informs with very little effort on the part of the consumer. All they have to do is watch and listen.

When the video is embedded on the site, the customer can simply click to buy when the video is finished. This not only increases sales, but also prevents shopping cart abandonment by keeping the customer on the website. Add some short testimonials and a clear call to action, and the conversion rate will increase even more.




Conversion Is Possible

With these five tips, higher conversion rates won’t just be possible, they’ll be probable. Point people in the right direction and they’ll follow your lead. Take the time to engage visitors, forge relationships, and answer questions, and you’ll be pleasantly surprised with how fast your sales will grow.

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