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Boost Your Conversion Rates with These 5 Tips

Selling online can be a lucrative experience if your conversion rates are high. An engaging landing page and a thriving social platform are great, but if no one clicks the “Buy Now” button, it’s all for naught. You don’t have to be an SEO guru to boost your conversion rates. With these five simple tips, anyone can clean up the clutter and increase conversion rates.




1. Give People a Few Choices

Everyone likes to have a few choices, and “few” is the key. Placing too many choices on a page can overwhelm the buyer. Opt for fewer products and a single service per page. This will encourage the buyer to make a choice and remove the fear that they missed out on other choices.

Post multiple images of a product. Including photos from different angles, sides, and distances gives customers the details that one image can’t. With one large focal point and smaller thumbnails to choose underneath, the page remains tidy while still offering plenty of choices.

Use the power of “three” for buttons. Especially when offering packages or services, using a row of three buttons gives the person a variety, instead of an “either-or” decision. They can opt for what appears as basic, elite, or somewhere in between.


design contrast

design contrast

2. Create Contrasting Color

Color influences a person’s decisions. While a theme adds to consistency in a website’s design, the call to action should be distinct. By adding contrasting colors to direct attention, conversion rates can skyrocket.

Draw attention to “buy” buttons by using a bright contrasting color from the website’s theme. When using a row of three buttons, highlight the middle button with a bright color and dim the color of the other two. This will make the brighter option more desirable and customers will be more likely to click.

For single products or services, clearly define the buying area by placing a red or other contrasting color border around the area. This singles out the selection button and drives the eyes to focus there. This grabs attention and keeps it.


Start a Conversation

Start a Conversation

3. Start a Conversation

Going social plays a crucial role in boosting conversion rates. Make it easy on customers to sign up and log in to your site with social media accounts. This saves their time by avoiding long opt-in forms and gives them a sense of privacy. In return, it’s easy for them to promote your business because they’re already linked in.

Make it simple for people to share your site by displaying social media buttons. If they know you’re connected, they’ll be more likely to connect. Plus, when they see that others have liked, tweeted, or pinned, it provides credibility for your company. More credibility equals more conversion.

It works on the other end, too. Providing the ability to check out with social media gives buyers yet another opportunity to start or continue a conversation about your product. “I just bought,” turns into “You need this, too.”


Build a Relationship

Build a Relationship

4. Build a Relationship

Building sales starts with building trust. Let people know that you’re real, too, by using photos of real people, not stock photos. When a potential buyer sees that your business is more than just a website, it makes it more personal.

Include contact information on the website. Providing an address takes your business from the virtual world to the physical world. An email address lets people know they can contact you quickly and easily. The ability to call a real, live person on the phone shows that questions can be answered. Contact converts.

Make it pop with a chat box. Availability is everything and if your buyers know that they can get immediate assistance through chat, they’ll be more likely to click “buy.” Email might be viewed as “stock” content, but chat is real time contact. A visitor can quickly become a customer when they know they can get answers right here, right now, through chat.


Engage with Video

Engage with Video

5. Engage with Video

Text is nice but video is better. Embedding video into the sales page engages viewers and keeps them on the page. The longer they’re on the page, the more likely they are to stay on the site.

A video is an easy, dynamic mode of explaining a process, demonstrating a product, or putting things into perspective. Appealing to the eye and the ear, video entertains and informs with very little effort on the part of the consumer. All they have to do is watch and listen.

When the video is embedded on the site, the customer can simply click to buy when the video is finished. This not only increases sales, but also prevents shopping cart abandonment by keeping the customer on the website. Add some short testimonials and a clear call to action, and the conversion rate will increase even more.




Conversion Is Possible

With these five tips, higher conversion rates won’t just be possible, they’ll be probable. Point people in the right direction and they’ll follow your lead. Take the time to engage visitors, forge relationships, and answer questions, and you’ll be pleasantly surprised with how fast your sales will grow.

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Year-End Tax Planning: Soar Above Partisan Politics


The Republicans have retaken control of the Senate and expanded their majority in the House of Representative following the recent mid-term elections. So, how does this change of leadership affect tax reform in the United States?

Tax code

Tax code


Both the Republicans and Democrats are working to overhaul a tax code that is bloated and confusing for many businesspeople and regular citizens alike. A spending bill is also in the works in both houses. At the same time, businesses around the country are eagerly anticipating an extension of certain tax benefits.

This package could involve extending perks like bonus depreciation as well as credits for research and development across an array of fields. Businesses are looking forward to these extensions partly because these benefits will affect 2015 tax filings. To make matters more convoluted, though, the extension of these benefits could complicate comprehensive tax reform in the coming years.

Pivotal Considerations

Bonus plan limitations as well as offering an alternative minimum tax (AMT) are pivotal considerations as Congress mulls over plans to extend these benefits to businesses. For all of those businesses negotiating year-end tax planning, bearing in mind permanent benefits like delayed debt forgiveness and declared special dividends is extremely important. It may also be helpful to decide whether to pay all of your bills in 2014 or delay payments until 2015.

alternative minimum tax

alternative minimum tax


Auditing and possibly altering any accounting method changes before 2014 comes to a close might be an important step to take before the new year brings further extensions and tax reform. Make sure to carefully scrutinize bonus depreciation as well as bonus plan limitations and passive shareholder involvement. With respect to passive shareholder involvement, make an extensive log of hours to get the best return for your time and energy.

Bonus Depreciation and Year-End Review

It’s crucial to note that bonus depreciation expired for all industries except for the non-commercial aircraft sector. Bonus depreciation effectively expired in 2013. The latest legislation features an ex-post-facto bonus depreciation provision once a business tax return is filed. All taxpayers are expected to send in a return statement electing to forgo the accelerated depreciation system in lieu of amending their tax returns.

You should take the steps listed above if you’re feeling especially uncertain about future legislative action.

If your taxable income is likely to be negative, then taking the aforementioned steps might also be a wise move. Lastly, if your net operating loss will not materialize until sometime in the far-off future, then there might be more benefits for you vis-a-vis ameliorating the depreciation deductions over a longer time frame. A return filed prior to a finalization of legislation could obviously be changed to encapsulate any additional expensing.

Depreciating assets

Depreciating assets



Year-end review might be a good option if a client of yours plans on taking on bonus payments this year and making those bonus payments at the start of 2015. Checking determinable and fixed rules, and whether you’ve met those or not, is essential.

All year-end tax planning should include considerations of the alternative minimum tax. If you fail to factor in the alternative minimum tax into your year-end tax planning, then making an appeal later could hurt you. It’s often the case that alternative minimum tax considerations fail to fully materialize until after the return is set up.

You also shouldn’t forget about permanent benefits like Section 199. Taxpayers and tax specialists who look forward to positive taxable income in 2014 should realize that Section 199 offers tremendous benefits to clients.

Section 199 and IC-DISC

Section 199 is offered to manufacturers in the United States. This benefit features a deduction of nine percent vis-a-vis the lesser of taxable income or qualified production activities income. Whereas the bonus depreciation benefit reverses and fails to offer actual cash savings, Section 199 stays constant and offers a cash benefit.




Section 199 might still be applicable to certain manufacturers who have component parts created in the United States. In other words, one part could be produced exogenous to the U.S. and another part could come from a U.S. manufacturer and Section 199 would still be implicated.

For those currently planning to get the Section 199 deduction, IC-DISC is another permanent benefit that could be obtainable. The interest charge domestic international sale corporation (IC-DISC) cannot be applied after the fact, so the IC-DISC might not be applicable for 2014 filing. Exports for 2015 can receive a benefit as long as this plan is actualized at the beginning of the year.

Although comprehensive tax reform is an increasingly looming issue in the background of partisan politics, there are ample chances to actualize the changes listed above right now. A consciousness of the tax code, deductions and benefits can help you sidestep dead-ends and bring value with staying power.

Quick Tax Filing Tip for Small Businesses

Tax season is always a critical time of year for businesses.  Regardless of your filing method, e-filing is a smart option because of the time efficiency, the paper reduction, and the simplicity of record-keeping.

There are countless e-file solutions out there. If you’re using someone outside of your office make sure they choose a reliable platform for their e-filing.  If doing your taxes in-house, search for an efficient way to prepare all the forms and deliver them to employees and contractors. If you need to file a 1099 online, one of the industry leaders is eFile4Biz.  If you have ideas on this topic to share, please visit our other WordPress page here and leave your comments or suggest some useful links to explore on this topic.


They simplify the process. They will file 1099 online for you, as well as print and deliver the paper copies to recipients. Check them out this season.

Working in a doctor’s office

You probably use specific forms for billing insurers. The most vital insurance form is the Hcfa Cms 1500 form. Offices use this form to bill some Medicaid Agencies. The Cms 1500 wasn’t always called that. Starting off, it was named the Hcfa 1500. It was named after the centers for medicare & medicaid service.

Insurance Forms used in medical offices.

Insurance Forms used in medical offices.

Patient care and medical suppliers often use this document.

They must be submitted inside a year from the date of service. Downloading any Cms 1500 Claim forms is not recommended, as it’s printed in a unique ink type. The insurers typically use Optical Character Recognition to scan the data, and process payment requests. Choose a poor quality form – and you’ll receive rejections. Successful payment requests only happen when you use effective cms 1500 version 02/12 Forms, with the correct details.

Most surgical operations require insurance billing forms.

Most surgical operations require insurance billing forms.

A simple tip…

Use the most recent form edition, with the correct ink quality. Ignore these steps, and delayed payments are virtually inevitable. Wait too long to re-send the correct form, and there’s a chance you won’t be paid. Ultimately, you need a quality form from a quality provider. This will your cash-flow continues, un-impeded.  Visit our Twitter and let us know what you though about this post.